Fundada a 17 de agosto de 2007 por Carolina Marcello, Joana Coutinho e Paulo Brás, encerrou a sua atividade enquanto revista erótica a 17 de agosto de 2013, reabrindo a 12 de dezembro do mesmo ano como plataforma do projeto A MULHER É O FUTURO DO HOMEM.

INNER#SCARS (Luca Finotti)

«The skin produces scars, when it is not capable of healing what it once was. The scar is a creation of a different material, that we can define as the fabric of an emergency.»

Don’t lick that scar. Not that one. Pretend not to see it. Don’t touch it. Not that one. Please. / All that was removed now lies in the graveyard of angels, where we come to cry, kneeling in front of our sins. / You are my emergency. / Did you really do all this? Or did we do it together? / We cause harm to each other to create new signs, in the desperate hunt for a language shared between only me and you. / Why do I always look at the horizon, even if I’m stumbling where I stand? / Can you teach me everything?

«Scars have preserved me as a child. A child sheltered in the shade of an asshole, myself» (S.N.)

Is the child I was really that much stronger than the child I am now? / Maybe I can fly? / I was in the dark, but my eyes have accustomed. And now I can see even in the darkness. / How many minutes of love do I have? / I was a child. I do not remember what happened. I don’t know when it happened. But it happened. And here I am. And this is what I am. / When did I learn that others also make mistakes?

«Here is no peace, for I am nowhere" (P.Z.)
"Is in your wounds will heal my love" (L.F.)

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